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SAE was born in 1979 and has been on the market for more than 30 years.
Since its origins, SAE has been committed in the field of the electric power conversion, with a particular attention to the INDUSTRIAL and NAVAL requirements. The most part of our products can be supplied, on customer’s request, with the certification of the Corporate Bureau of Naval Classification ( RINA, ABS,LLOYD, AMERICAN BUREAU, etc… ). It is possible to assert that the main service offered by SAE is Customer Care: an operative Technical Department will be ready to study all the solutions in order to customize a device on the specific client’s requests. The experience acquired in years and the enthusiasm of the entire staff are the central features of a situation which combines a highly qualified product with a competitive cost

1. GVR Pump founded more than 45 years, we are on the market in Italy and abroad as manufacturers of gear pumps and circulation in-line single and twin pumps. Glues, additives, oils, asphalts, heavy naphta, BTZ, fuel oils, molasses, liquid greases and so on are part of the products concerning our applications and during all these years we gained a very good experience in our field.